Step 1: Create a School Account

  1. Create a School Account Here
  2. Upload the following required documents:
    1. Letter of Intent to Participate in the Bayanihan 2 Basic Education.
      *School Signatory appointed in the Letter of Intent shall be signing the Billing Statement and Payroll.
    2. Valid DepEd Recognition or Permit
    3. Bank Certificate indicating that the School has an existing Bank Account; confirmed by the Bank Branch Manager or Officer issued not earlier than January 2021. or STI1 / IMI1 for Landbank of the Philippines Bank Accounts.
      *The School Account Name on your School Bank Account Details encoded in the BBE System should be the same as your submitted Bank Certificate.

Step 2: Account Activation

Wait for the SMS & Email Confirmation from the BBE System for the status of your registration. If approved, login credentials such as the USERNAME and PASSWORD to login to the BBE System will be included in the email.

Step 3: Login to BBE System School Account

  1. Encode Eligible Student Applicants (Non-ESC Grantees & Non-VP Beneficiaries)
    Encode and Upload the following required scanned documents completely filled out and signed by the Student Applicant and Parent / Guardian:
    1. Application for Subsidy or Allowance
    2. Parent / Guardian’s Consent
    3. Self-Certification
    4. Data Privacy Notice Form
    5. Consent to the Use of Personal Information
  2. Submit List of Student Applicants
    *Submission is one-time only for all student applicants.
    **Submitted List of Student Applicants is subject for approval by DepEd.

Step 4: Subsidy List Approval

An SMS and Email notification will be received once the list of approved students from DepEd are already listed in the BBE System.

Step 5: Create Billing Statement

  1. Select approved students from the list to be included in the billing statement.
  2. Submit the billing statement for processing.

    Attach required documents:
    1. Signed Billing Statemen
    2. Consolidated Statements of Account of the students duly signed by the
      1. Registrar
      2. Principal

Step 6: Wait for the Payment to be Released and Credited

You may check the status of the Billing Statement in the BBE System.

Step 7: Generate Payroll

Generate Payroll will be available when the Billing Statement Status is either “Submitted to DepEd Central Office” or” Payment Released”. The payroll is required by the system as attachment in order to ensure that the Subsidies and/or Allowances were received by the intended recipients applied for by the School and approved by DepEd.

Step 8: Upload Payroll & Official Receipt

Payroll for Subsidies and/or Allowances is a printable and downloadable document from the Bayanihan Basic Education System intending to validate that the intended recipients have truthfully received the said assistance by acknowledging it through their signature.

Official Receipt, as requirement, is issued by the School upon receipt of the Subsidies and / or Allowances to their nominated bank account.

Both the Payroll & Official Receipt/s (OR) in the BBE System should be uploaded to serve as proofs of receipt of the Subsidies and/or Allowances.

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